2018-2019 Day 22

First note of importance is the A Bracket tournament is happening on Saturday April 20.

Last night was mostly about seeding. There was only one game with significant importance, and that was the match between Garrett and I to see who gets the final spot in B. Also, I have a major presentation at Disney tomorrow to show them our clip licensing system at Fox in advance of the merger, and I’ve spent my entire morning and early afternoon prepping it today, but I need a small break from that to write this. But it’ll be short.

Player 1 2 3 Sets
Andy 21 21 21 3
Yosh 16 11 18 0

Playing against lefties always throws me even though I’m a lefty myself, because one of my favorite shots against righties doesn’t work against him at all. This is the most lefties in the league ever this year with myself, Yosh, Cedar, Tim, Clint, Brian and Grant if you count him as a lefty since that’s how he plays Ultimate. We could almost have an all lefty league.

Player 1 2 3 Sets
Garrett 21 21 21 3
Dot 16 7 19 0

wp;ds (Was playing. Didn’t see.)

Player 1 2 3 4 5 Sets
Andy 19 21 15 21 21 3
Dot 21 17 21 13 13 2

Dot was noticeably tired from playing hours of pick-up in the closed tryout for the new club mixed team, and that’s after playing all day Saturday for Winter League and partying super late that night. So I had a big advantage. But he still went up 2 games to 1. I just had to outlast him with his fatigue and fortunately I was able to do it.

Player 1 2 3 4 Sets
Garrett 19 21 21 21 3
Yosh 21 19 18 8 1

wp;ds But I certainly perked up when I saw that Yosh had won the first set. If Garrett lost game, it would significantly help my chances in our match-up. He must’ve thought the same thing when Dot was up 2-1.

Player 1 2 3 4 5 Sets
Yosh 15 21 17 21 21 3
Dot 21 10 21 18 17 2

wp;ds. Certainly sounded intense though. Lots of crashing into the garage door back there. Dot definitely is not afraid of walls or garage doors, and if he isn’t black and blue today I’d be shocked.

Player 1 2 3 4 Sets
Garrett 21 16 21 21 3
Andy 14 21 10 16 1

The big match-up of the night. Only one spot open in B, but I had already established I kinda had to sweep Garrett to ensure a spot because of a circle of winning with Alex if I had won this. That ended quickly when Garrett handily took game 1. It sucks when you go up against somebody who’s doing the exact same things you want to do. He moved me side to side. Changed speeds on me. Played strong D. But I made adjustments to win game 2. He did the same to win g3. In g4 we were tied 15-15 when it was my serve and I plotted out how I was gonna play these 5 points. First serve normal. Second serve would be the first of the entire match from my forehand side. Then back to normal. Then try topspin serve to get him to under hit it, and finally the low fast liner. It all went to shit. Lost the first point. Missed the table on the forehand serve. Lost another point. Whiffed on his easy return on the topspin serve. And hit the low liner serve smack into the net. 15-20. And then it was done. I might have overthought it.

After the game, when they were leaving, Chloe bit Garrett through his sweat pants and drew blood. We decided she was extracting revenge for my loss. Very loyal dog.

So now let’s get into the seeding for B.

#1 – Corey

This one is the most obvious. Not only was Corey one of only 2 B players to beat an A player this year, he went 4-0 against B players including wins over Van and Steve. Corey did not play Matt, but in addition to having a 120 point higher PPI, Corey won the Record Against Common Opponents (RACO) 3-3 to 2-4.

#2 – Steve

Just going by PPI, Steve would be the highest, 75 points over Van and 112 points over Matt. But Matt beat Van and Van beat Steve, and Matt and Steve didn’t play each other. So PPI is completely reversed from the head-to-head results. We have to go deeper, cause this is a mess.

It’s not hard to see why Steve led in PPI. He played most of his matches against A opponents since he’s always been in A as long as he’s played in the league. In fact, he only played 3 B opponents, and went 1-2 against them. But he’s the only person other than Corey with wins over A opponents, beating both Feeney, the #1 seed, and Haynes, the #8 seed, which is another reason why his PPI is so high. Steve also has the lead over both Matt and Van in RACO 2-2 to 1-3 in both cases. It would very difficult to justify placing Van over Matt due to Matt beating Van twice this season. So with that in mind, then does it make more sense to put Steve over Matt since he beat him in RACO and is the highest PPI of the three, or below Van who he lost to head-to-head? In my opinion, it’s most logical to put Steve above Matt. Those wins over Feeney and Haynes can’t be ignored.

It’s also worth mentioning, as I broke down in the A Bracket, that as much as I value head-to-head, I put a lot more emphasis on head-to-head in recent match-ups, particularly last round where the stakes are more obvious. So Van’s 2nd round upset of Steve, although still a valuable marker, gets a little less emphasis than I would usually give head-to-head.

#3 – Matt

Now we have the same situation essentially between Matt, Tim and Van. Matt beat Van twice, and Van beat Tim, but Tim beat Matt. Looking at RACO, it doesn’t help anything. Van beat Tim but Tim wins RACO 3-1 to 2-2. Matt beat Van twice. But Van wins RACO 3-2 to 2-3. And Tim beat Matt but they tied RACO 2-1 to 2-1. Even if you look at Games Against Common Opponents (GACO) it’s relatively even. Tim is 7-5 and Matt is 8-5.5 (averaging the two matches he won against Bama.)

Of course, I’m ignoring the fact that Tim had the only forfeit of the season. If I include those as actual losses, then this isn’t a question. It would go Matt, Van, Tim. Since everything is so close, and PPI has it Van and Matt separated by 36 points, but Tim is lower at 62 below Matt (and PPI does not factor in ties) then it makes the most sense to include those forfeits to resolve the closeness here and drop Tim down. Once you do that, then it’s easy Matt beat Van twice so he gets this spot.

#4 – Van

And then since Van beat Tim head-to-head and it happened in the last round, then we give Van this spot.

#5 – Tim

Tim beat Bama head-to-head, and wins RACO over Clint 3-2 to 1-4.

#6 – Bama

Bama beat Clint head-to-head and beat Garrett head-to-head twice.

#7 – Clint

Clint beat Garrett head-to-head. It’s possible Alex could make this interesting if he wins his last round game against Clint on the 26th. That would create a circular thing where Alex beats Clint, Clint beat Garrett and Garrett beat Alex. For now I’m keeping Clint in this spot because Alex is so far down in PPI that it would take a lot more than just a win against Clint to grab a spot in B.

#8 – Garrett

And because Garrett beat Alex and myself head-to-head he gets the final spot in B.

I’ll send out a separate email to the B players to find a time to do this tournament.

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