2018-2019 Day 19

Unfortunately, Tim couldn’t make it. Wedding stuff. So we trudged on with the just the three players. I’ll make this short. All the matches played out on the main table.

Player 1 2 3 Sets
Bama 21 22 22 3
Clint 14 20 20 0

Missed the whole match cause I was warming up Garrett. But back-to-back 22-20 games shows how close this was. Could’ve gone either way.

Player 1 2 3 4 5 Sets
Bama 21 14 21 19 21 3
Garrett 15 21 18 21 16 2

Another one that could’ve gone either way. This is the fourth time these two have played each other since last year. They split the matches last year and almost did that again. Bama won when they faced off on November 4. The rematch was close, but Bama took it again. The lower side, the one that has the uneven ground, that’s the side that won all five games.

Player 1 2 3 Sets
Garrett 10 15 19 0
Clint 21 21 21 3

Clint looked in control the whole way other than the last game where it was dicey and back and forth with Garrett holding the lead for awhile but ultimately Clint took it.

Here’s the final round 4 groupings.

Group S
Brian, Cody, Feeney and Grant have already finished

Group T
Cedar, Corey, Ethan, Haynes, Keegan and Steve are still working on a date

Group U
Bama, Matt, Tim and Van (It’s unfortunate we didn’t get the match-ups between Tim and Clint, and Tim and Garrett. I still would’ve liked to do those, but Tim makes the most sense to be in this group. Clint has played Bama, Matt and Van already. Garrett played two of them already and I played two of them already, but Garrett needs to play me. So Tim has to go into this group.)

Group V
Andy, Dot, Garrett and Yosh

Group W
Alex, Brach, Clint, Liverpool, Spike and Thies (this is an attempt to get as many original match-ups as I can because Clint hasn’t played anyone in this group except Spike. Alex and Spike need to play, and Thies and Brach need to play.)

I’ll send out separate emails to those groups.

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