2018-2019 Day 18

These games played out on Tuesday, so sorry this is late. I was ridic busy yesterday, whereas today I’m only luda ly busy. Tuesday was the coldest night on record in the PPPL. I know this, even though I have no data to back it up at all, because it’s the only time so far that I thought “the jacket I’m currently wearing is not warm enough, I need my ski jacket”.

The last four PPPL days in a row have been all the top players, so it’s nice to get some players who are more my speed. The game’s a little slower. There’s a lot more slamming easy shots right into the net, wildly whiffing on returns and general drunkenness. My people!!!! Let’s get to it. I have to get back to these stupid reports I need to put together for the company that’s taking over my company because why have one gigantic movie studio when you can have two?

Player 1 2 3 Sets
Yosh 22 21 21 3
Brach 20 15 17 0

Game one saw a huge comeback from Yosh, down 19-14 to win in OT. It was the first of the four 22-20 games Brach played. He played four overtime games. Every one ended 22-20. And that’s not the first time that’s happened. Haynes did the exact same thing earlier this season at the Barn. What’s the most overtime games someone’s played in one night? I have the answer for you.

Five. Matt and Scott each did it in year 2.

Player 1 2 3 Sets
Spike 21 21 21 3
Liverpool 13 18 7 0

Cave match. It was nice to have Spike back. He’s had a whirlwind of a last couple months.

Player 1 2 3 4 5 Sets
Spike 20 14 21 22 21 3
Brach 22 21 19 20 19 2

Four games that were decided by two points. Two OT’s. Spike with the nice 0-2 comeback. There were also a couple of late comebacks in two of these games. This had everything you’d want. Brach’s two wins in this match was also a high for him in his rookie season. It’s weird to see Brach and Spike in the same room and everybody’s clothes are on and nobody’s about to pass out from consumption. I guess we’re getting older.

Player 1 2 3 Sets
Yosh 21 21 21 3
Liverpool 10 13 8 0

Another cave match. I didn’t see any of them.

Player 1 2 3 4 Sets
Spike 16 21 10 14 1
Yosh 21 19 21 21 3

Brach wins in the cave. It was his first match win of the season, and guarantees that no player this year will go winless or undefeated.

Player 1 2 3 4 Sets
Brach 21 21 20 21 3
Liverpool 12 12 22 6 1

Best match of the night for pure comedy. Spike went all Larry Bird in the first game with his trash talking. He admitted to feeling a little more at ease after he had to really focus in the last match down 0-2. I do love the table talk, so it was happily amusing. Spike kept trying to slam his forehand and NEVER HIT ONCE. I think he went 0-20 or something like that, but he wouldn’t give up on it, and it definitely cost him at least game 3. But Spike’s backhand slam to the corner was on fire, and kept causing Yosh to slip on the wet ground. He never completely fell over though, cause he’s a pro. And he even returned a couple shots WHILE FALLING.

Yosh was the King of Edges. (Is that a tarot card? Mike would know.) He hit more shots off the edge, but even more amazingly saved shots that hit the edge against him. He had so much edge, he’s Taron Egerton.


By game 4, they both completely changed strategies and were only chopping it back at each other. It was a total chop battle which doesn’t sound funny at all as I’m writing it down, but trust me, if you were there, comedy gold.

Spike missed a wild forehand slam to end it, which was fitting, and Yosh took it 3-1.

Next up is the final matches of the third round this Sunday when Bama, Clint, Garrett and Tim face off.

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